Suggestionism has constituted itself as a stance on figurative representation and abstraction in art, but may be taken in performing arts, literature and philosophy as well.
As e.g. the human being, like other living entities, is constantly assembling a model of reality out of seemingly secured fragments of perception or knowledge by employing theoretical bridging to resolve what is real like a puzzle, the suggestive nature of the fragment pointing to a possible whole is revealed.
Suggestionism points to the illusion as illusive by drawing the veil aside and making the seemingly hermetic permeable, it is thus embracing the core of living over aming for an idea of liveless perfection.
While the figurative is lost while grasped, abstraction is questioned by the suggestion of figur and space through fragments of form in dialog.
Improvisation in painting, music and actually any uterance striving to become form is a fountain for the suggestive - it is the invitation to engage by adding yet another fragment of form to form for a joint delight of the aesthetic of constant metamophosis of suggestion as well as its underlying structural, compositional and material fragments.
The artistic artefacts of suggestionism are characterized by inviting the active observers to participate in formulating what is depicted, addressing their superpower of pattern recognition to perceive and deduct possible solutions as refined enjoyment.
The open form as a strategy in painting, improvised geometry and layerism, as developed and practised by the authors of this manifesto are artistic manifestations of suggestionism.
Jan Helbig and Matthias Kulcke, April 2023


Observe, associate, trust your fragment perception as valid, utter intermediate form (in your mind or out loud), assemble, regroup, start again, enjoy fragmented solution.

structural suggestions

the instance suggests the solution space
the instance suggests the underlying rules and constraints
the receipe suggests the meal, the taste experience
the gap suggests the joint
the fragment suggests the whole
the variation suggests the theme
the principle suggests established richness of derivatives
the configuration suggests Gestalt suggests configuration
the multiple suggests the iterative
the variants suggest experience

societal implications

In the era of the fake and manipulation wo/man has to be trained in and become deeply aquainted with the powers and potentials of suggestion.
Overcome being a leaf in the storm of suggestions and set sail to utilize it for your evermore adventurous travels.

mural Nardos

since April 2023

The work on the mural in the Nardos in Ottensen was conluded in April 2023, the artwork will be accessible to the public starting May 2023.



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events 2023
May 2023
grand opening
Nardos, Ottensen, Hamburg

Presentation of the indoor mural to the public.

June 7th 2023

A musical presentation and live painting impro-performance as part of the burnt books event in Hamburg 2023.